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Heat Convection

Heat Convection

by: Latif M. Jiji

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Jiji's extensive understanding of how students think and learn, what they find difficult, and which elements need to be stressed is integrated in this work. He employs an organization and methodology derived from his experience and presents the material in an easy to follow form, using graphical illustrations and examples for maximum effect. The second, enlarged edition provides the reader with a thorough introduction to external turbulent flows, written by Glen Thorncraft. Additional highlights of note: Illustrative examples are used to demonstrate the application of principles and the construction of solutions, solutions follow an orderly approach used in all examples, systematic problem-solving methodology emphasizes logical thinking, assumptions, approximations, application of principles and verification of results, significant ancillary materials are available for instructors and students. PowerPoint lectures are closely coordinated with textbook material, thus eliminating the need for note taking by students. Chapter summaries help students review the material. Guidelines for solving each problem can be selectively given to students.

This copy features fully expanded bookmarks.

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