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Linear Feedback Control: Analysis and Design with MATLAB (Advances in Design and Control)

Linear Feedback Control: Analysis and Design with MATLAB (Advances in Design and Control)

by: Dingyu Xue, YangQuan Chen, Derek P. Atherton

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A discussion of analysis and design techniques for linear feedback control systems using MATLAB® software. By reducing the mathematics, increasing MATLAB working examples, and inserting short scripts and plots within the text, the authors have created a text suitable for almost any type of user. Suitable for beginners entering the field; for students who wish to bridge the gap between control theory and the use of MATLAB for control systems; and as a handy reference for practising engineers. The MATLAB companion package, CtrlLAB, allows readers to learn quickly while simply clicking through options with a mouse. Each chapter ends with a set of problems to help readers strengthen their understanding of the material. All example scripts within the book, as well as the CtrlLAB package, are freely downloadable from MATLAB Central, an open exchange for the MATLAB and Simulink® community ).

Note: I didnt scan/first upload/etc. this book. Only found it here and added bookmarks, yet i didn't finish crating links for the index of matlab functions (somebody help me!). Enjoy.

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