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Control Systems Engineering, 4th Edition

Autor: Norman S. Nise

Idioma: Inglês
Ano: 2003
Número de páginas: 1007
Tamanho do arquivo: 133,02 mb


Emphasizing the practical application of control systems engineering, the new Fourth Edition shows how to analyze and design real-world feedback control systems. Readers learn how to create control systems that support today's advanced technology and apply the latest computer methods to the analysis and design of control systems.
* A methodology with clearly defined steps is presented for each type of design problem.
* Continuous design examples give a realistic view of each stage in the control systems design process.
* A complete tutorial on using MATLAB Version 5 in designing control systems prepares readers to use this important software tool.

This book introduces studentss to the theory and practice of control systems engineering. The text emphasizes the practical applicalion of the subject to the analysis and design of feedback systems. The study of control systems engineering is essential for students pursuing degrees in electrical mechanical, aerospace, or chemical engineering. Control systems are found in a broad range of applications within these discipines, from aircraft and spacecraft to robots and pocess control systems.
Control Systems Engineering is suitabfe for upper-division college and university engineering students and for those who wish to master the subject matter through self-study. The student using this text should have completed typical Iower division courses in physics and mathematics through differential equations. Other required background material including Laplace transforms and linear algebra, is incorporated in the lext, either within chapter discussions or separately in the appendixes or on an accompanying CD-ROM. This review material can be omitted without loss of continuity if the student does not require it.
The key features of this Fourth edition are :
• Standardized chapter organization
• Qualitative and quantitative explanations
• Examples, Skill-Assessmenl Exercises. and Case Studies throughout the text
• Control Solutions Powered by JustAsk!
• Cyber Exploration Laboratory experiments
• Abundant illustrations
• Numerous end-of-chapter problems
• Emphasis on design
• Flexible coverage
• Emphasis on computer-aided analysis and design
• lcon~ identifying major topes
• CD-ROM containing additional material .


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