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Handbook of Adhesives and Sealants

Handbook of Adhesives and Sealants

by: Edward Petrie

Handbook of Adhesives and Sealants #432947

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The Handbook of Adhesives and Sealants, 2nd Edition is primarily written to assist all those who have a permanent or temporary interest in adhesives and sealants. For those new to the field, the Handbook will provide a fundamental knowledge base of materials and processes as well as reasons why they work and (more importantly) why they don’t work. To the more experienced reader, the breadth and thoroughness of the Handbook will provide a way to reduce time spent on trial and error development or on searching for the optimal recommended process. For the academic, the Handbook will connect the important theories regarding surface science, polymeric materials, and mechanics with practical products and applications of commercial significance. This edition includes major new sections on radiation curable adhesive, biological and naturally occurring adhesives, inorganic adhesives, role of bulk properties of the adhesive, non-destructive testing, and industrial application methods. A completely new chapter is devoted to adhesives used in various industries such as automobile, electrical / electronic, construction, packaging, aerospace, household do-it-yourself, and medical.
From the Back Cover

The Most Complete Guide to Adhesives and Sealants -- Now Expanded and Updated with the Latest Technical Advances and Products

The updated Second Edition of Handbook of Adhesives and Sealants brings together the latest information on the use of adhesives and sealants for bonding or sealing.

This focused yet comprehensive resource explores thermosetting, elastomeric, thermoplastic, and naturally occurring types -- and fully examines adhesive and sealant selection, specialty adhesives, and environmental and safety factors. The Second Edition of Handbook of Adhesives and Sealants now features:

  • A wealth of data from chemistry, material and surface sciences, and solid mechanics
  • Updated references on materials and processes
  • Numerous structural and nonstructural applications

Inside This Cutting-Edge Adhesives and Sealants Guide:
* Introduction to Adhesives and Sealants * Theories of Adhesion * Properties of Adhesive Materials and the Interphase Region * Surfaces and Surface Preparation * Joint Design * Test Methods * Classification and Formulation * Thermosetting Types * Elastomeric Types * Thermoplastic Types * Naturally Occurring Types * Specialty Adhesives * Selection of Adhesives and Sealants * Bonding and Sealing Specific Substrates * Effect of the Environment * Application Processes * Environmental and Safety Factors * Adhesive Use in Various Industries

New to this edition:
New sections on radiation curable adhesives, biologically and naturally occurring adhesives, nonconventional curing methods, reasons adhesives fail, structure-property relationships, nondestructive testing and failure analysis, and major trends in industrial applications.

Transport Phenomena, 2nd Edition

Transport Phenomena, 2nd Edition

by: R. Byron Bird, Warren E. Stewart, Edwin N. Lightfoot

Transport Phenomena, 2nd Edition #265946

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Transport Phenomena, Second Edition #97370Transport Phenomena, Second Edition
R. Byron Bird

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The market leading transport phenomena text has been revised! Authors, Bird, Stewart and Lightfoot have revisedTransport Phenomena to include deeper and more extensive coverage of heat transfer, enlarged discussion of dimensional analysis, a new chapter on flow of polymers, systematic discussions of convective momentum, energy, and mass transport, and transport in two-phase systems.

If this is your first look at Transport Phenomena you'll quickly learn that its balanced introduction to the subject of transport phenomena is the foundation of its long-standing success.

About the Revised 2nd Edition: Since the appearance of the second edition in 2002, the authors and numerous readers have found a number of errors--some major and some minor. In the Revised 2nd Edition the authors have endeavored to correct these errors. A new ISBN has been assigned to the Revised 2nd Edition in order to more easily identify the most correct version.



Chapter 0. The Subject of Transport Phenomena.


Chapter 1. Viscosity and the Mechanisms of Momentum Transport.

Chapter 2. Shell Momentum Balances and Velocity Distribution in Laminar Flow.

Chapter 3. The Equations of Change for Isothermal Systems.

Chapter 4. Velocity Distributions with More Than One Independent Variable.

Chapter 5. Velocity Distributions in Turbulent Flow.

Chapter 6. Interphase Transport in Isothermal Systems.

Chapter 7. Macroscopic Balances for Isothermal Flow Systems.

Chapter 8. Polymeric Liquids.


Chapter 9. Thermal Conductivity and the Mechanisms of Energy Transport.

Chapter 10. Shell Energy Balance sand Temperature Distributions in Solids and Laminar Flow.

Chapter 11. The Equations of Change for Nonisothermal Systems.

Chapter 12. Temperature Distributions with More than One Independent Variable.

Chapter 13. Temperature Distributions in Turbulent Flow.

Chapter 14. Interphase Transport in Nonisothermal Systems.

Chapter 15. Macroscopic Balances for Nonisothermal Systems.

Chapter 16. Energy Transport by Radiation.


Chapter 17. Diffusivity and the Mechanisms of Mass Transport.

Chapter 18. Concentration Distributions in Solids and Laminar Flow.

Chapter 19. Equations of Change for Multicomponent Systems.

Chapter 20. Concentration Distributions with More than One Independent Variable.

Chapter 21. Concentration Distributions in Turbulent Flow.

Chapter 22. Interphase Transport in Nonisothermal Mixtures.

Chapter 23. Macroscopic Balances for Multicomponent Systems.

Chapter 24. Other Mechanisms for Mass Transport.


Appendix A. A Vector and Tensor Notation.

Appendix B. Fluxes and the Equations of Change.

Appendix C. Mathematical Topics.

Appendix D. The Kinetic Theory of Gases.

Appendix E. Tables for Prediction of Transport Properties.

Appendix F. Constants and Conversion Factors.


Author Index.

Subject Index.

About the Authors.