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Handbook of Heat Transfer

Handbook of Heat Transfer

by: Warren Rohsenow, James Hartnett, Young Cho

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This wholly revised edition of a classic handbook reference, written by some of the most eminent practitioners in the field, is designed to be your all-in-one source book on heat transfer issues and problem-solving. It includes the latest advances in the field, as well as covering subjects from microscale heat transfer to thermophysical properties of new refrigerants. An invaluable guide to this most crucial factor in virtually every industrial and environmental process.

The third edition of Handbook of Heat Transfer provides expanded treatment of the fundamental topics covered in earlier editions. More than half of the authors of these basic chapters on conduction, convection, radiation, condensation, and boiling are new, reflecting the fact that there are new leaders in the field. Those chapters in the second edition dealing with applications related to the so-called energy crisis (solar energy, energy storage, cooling towers,etc.) have been replaced by new chapters treating heat transfer problems encountered in materials processing, porous media, and micro scale systems. Sections on the following topics were retained and updated: thermophysical properties, heat transfer enhancement, heat exchangers, heat pipes, fluidized beds, nonnewtonian fluids, and measurement techniques.

Warren M. Rohsenow was my Professor during my graduate years at MIT in 1974-75. An outstanding teacher and scientist, and a great humanist as well!

This copy features fully expanded bookmarks.

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