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High Temperature Superconductors

High Temperature Superconductors

by: Raghu N. Bhattacharya, M. Parans Paranthaman

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Title: High Temperature Superconductors

Author(s): Raghu N. Bhattacharya, M. Parans Paranthaman

Publisher: Wiley-VCH

Year: 2010

This essential reference provides the most comprehensive presentation of state-of-the-art research being conducting worldwide today in this growing field of research and applications. HTS are currently being supported by numerous governmental and industrial initiatives in the USA and Asia and Europe to overcome energy distribution issues and are now being commercialised for power-delivery devices, such as power transmission lines and cables, motors, and generators. Applications in electric utilities include energy-storing devices to help industries avoid dips in electric power, current limiters, and long transmission lines. The technology is particularly thought out for highly-populated and densed areas. Both editors are leading experts in the field from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. This book can be used as a companion teaching tool, and also as as a research and professional reference.<\/p>

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