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Fuel Cell Handbook

Fuel Cell Handbook

by: National Energy Technology Laboratory, U.S. Department of Energy

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Fuel cells are an important technology for a potentially wide variety of applications including micropower, auxiliary power, transportation power, stationary power for buildings and other distributed generation applications, and central power. These applications will be in a large number of industries worldwide. This edition of the Fuel Cell Handbook is more comprehensive than previous versions in that it includes several changes. First, calculation examples for fuel cells are included for the wide variety of possible applications. This includes transportation and auxiliary power applications for the first time. In addition, the handbook includes a separate section on alkaline fuel cells. The intermediate temperature solid-state fuel cell section is being developed. In this edition, hybrids are also included as a separate section for the first time. Hybrids are some of the most efficient power plants ever conceived and are actually being demonstrated. Finally, an updated list of fuel cell URLs is included in the Appendix and an updated index assists the reader in locating specific information quickly.

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