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Statistical mechanics: a concise introduction for chemists

Statistical mechanics: a concise introduction for chemists

by: B. Widom

Statistical mechanics: a concise introduction for chemists  library.nu #404890

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This is an introduction to statistical mechanics, intended to be used either in an undergraduate physical chemistry course or by beginning graduate students with little undergraduate background in the subject. It assumes familiarity with thermodynamics, chemical kinetics, the kinetic theory of gases, quantum mechanics and spectroscopy, at the level at which these subjects are normally treated in undergraduate physical chemistry. Highly illustrated with numerous exercises and worked solutions, it provides a concise, up-to-date treatise of statistical mechanics and is ideally suited to use in one semester courses.

Common terms and phrases:
Boltzmann distribution Boltzmann factor Boltzmann statistics Bose-Einstein statistics chemical potential degrees of freedom entropy Fermi-Dirac statistics fermions grand partition function heat capacity ideal gas molecular dynamics quantum mechanical statistical mechanics virial coefficient


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