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More Bench-Tested Circuits - Innovative Designs for Surveillance and Countersurveillance Technicians

More Bench-Tested Circuits - Innovative Designs for Surveillance and Countersurveillance Technicians

by: Tom Larsen

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More Bench-Tested Circuits
By Tom Larsen

  • Publisher: Paladin Press
  • Number Of Pages: 72
  • Publication Date: 1998-11-01
  • ISBN-10 / ASIN: 1581600070
  • ISBN-13 / EAN: 9781581600070

Product Description:

Larsen's latest is packed with fun, inexpensive and brilliantly simple designs, each with a detailed schematic. There's an incendiary method of destroying inaccessible taps and bugs, circuits for detecting phone line cuts and usage, designs for undetectable phone taps, ways to use off-the-shelf components to remotely control a bug or phone tap, some low-power-drain circuits for marking hidden caches and much more! For academic study only.

Summary: Wow how'd that happen
Rating: 1

The information here is way out of date. 15_+ years. Could not recommend this to anyone.

Summary: More Bench-Tested Circuts
Rating: 5

Good companion to read with the the first book.....simple but effective circuts........

Summary: The companion volume to "Bench-Tested Circuits"
Rating: 2

On its own this book is not worth the money, but if it's regarded as the companion to the earlier volume it is just worth the money, especially if it they are both offered together for a reduced price.

As before, the book is a random collection of circuits, most of which are old, well-known (but also reliable) technology.

Some, such as the intrusion alarms, present yet more variations on circuits provided in the first book. Some, such as the subcarrier decoder, should have been in the first book. Some, such as the component analayser used to sweep for hardwire or phone taps are interesting, but a lot of hard work. Others, such as the proximity detector, may not work at all in practice.
The circuit designed to destroy hard-to-get-at bugs is almost guaranteed to kill you. The timers are nasty. If the stories you hear are true, people who want you to design timers are going to use them to commit arson - or worse. Avoid them!

Many circuits make use of specific devices from Radio Shack that are unobtainable outside North America.

Taken all together, a bit of a mixed bag.

Summary: More Bench-Tested Circuits
Rating: 5

My buddy and me used some of the plans from this book and his first Bench Tested Circuits book and we were able to fool some high priced CM folks who came in a big white van loaded with lots of Counter Measures equipment. We were on the road at the time and all we had was a [electronics store]and a Hardware Store in the whole dirt water town, what a dive. We even recorded some of the chatter for the client of the hot-shot CM team. Client was very pleased! The circuits are pretty simple, yet hard to detect. They work as good as many of the more complicated circuits that we have used in the past.

Summary: A waist of time and money
Rating: 1

I would strongly suggest that the would be purchaser look else wear ! This book contains little of what the title suggests, and of that very little, most of the information is simplistic or out of date.

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