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Metalworking Fluids, Second Edition (Manufacturing Engineering and Materials Processing)

Metalworking Fluids, Second Edition (Manufacturing Engineering and Materials Processing)

by: Jerry P. Byers

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The use of metalworking fluids benefits nearly every type of manufacturing process, from preventing rust to reducing dust particles and mechanical friction. Metalworking Fluids, Second Edition reintroduces the current state of the art in metalworking fluid technology and its applications.More than a decade since the well-received and widely acclaimed publication of the first edition, new and original contributors-including formulators, physicians, college professors, fluids users, industry consultants, and suppliers of both chemicals and equipment-update every chapter, adding fresh topics and addressing the latest trends in their field. Novel topics include evaluating mist levels, microbial and corrosion control, and innovative waste treatments that remove organic contaminants at a lower cost. The book presents new considerations on the health effects of exposure, safety issues, and regulations affecting both manufacture and use of metalworking fluids. It also publishes real-world costs and benefits of metalworking fluids from the perspective of an end-user, available for the first time in the literature. Co-published with the Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers, Metalworking Fluids, Second Edition is a timely and modern guide to best practices for using metalworking fluids across a wide range of manufacturing and industrial applications, achieving improved productivity and part quality while reducing manufacturing costs and environmental impact.

Table of Contents
Ch. 1 Introduction : tracing the historical development of metalworking fluids 1 Ch. 2 Metallurgy for the nonmetallurgist with an introduction to surface finish measurement 19 Ch. 3 Metal cutting processes 47 Ch. 4 Performance of metalworking fluids in a grinding system 75 Ch. 5 Metalforming applications 103 Ch. 6 The chemistry of metalworking fluids 127 Ch. 7 Laboratory evaluation of metalworking fluids 147 Ch. 8 Corrosion : causes and cures 175 Ch. 9 Microbiology of metalworking fluids 195 Ch. 10 Filtration systems for metalworking fluids 231 Ch. 11 Metalworking fluid management and troubleshooting 253 Ch. 12 Recycling of metalworking fluids 279 Ch. 13 Waste treatment 301 Ch. 14 Contact dermatitis and metalworking fluids 325 Ch. 15 Health and safety aspects in the use of metalworking fluids 337 Ch. 16 Generation and control of mist from metal removal fluids 377 Ch. 17 Regulatory aspects of metalworking fluids 399 Ch. 18 Costs associated with the use of metalworking fluids 421 Ch. 19 Glossary 435

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