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Cost Estimating Manual for Water Treatment Facilities

Cost Estimating Manual for Water Treatment Facilities

by: Susumu Kawamura, William T. McGivney

Cost Estimating Manual for Water Treatment Facilities #400170

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Cost Estimating Manual for WaterTreatment Facilities
By Susumu Kawamura, William T. McGivney

  • Publisher: Wiley
  • Number Of Pages: 224
  • Publication Date: 2008-09-16
  • ISBN-10 / ASIN: 0471729973
  • ISBN-13 / EAN: 9780471729976
  • Binding: Hardcover

Product Description:

Tested-and-proven techniques for quick, accurate estimates

Here is the first manual that guides engineers, planners, and contractors through the process of estimating the cost of building water treatment facilities. Based on more than eighty years of the two authors' collective experience, the Cost Estimating Manual for Water Treatment Facilities not only enables you to arrive at a dependable estimate, it shows you how to do it quickly with a minimum of information and supporting data.

In order to ensure reliability, the authors have compiled and analyzed the results from their own construction cost estimates for more than 500 projects as well as the results from many other engineers and contractors. The manual identifies forty-three treatment processes, nine types of water treatment plants, plus five additional types of advanced water treatment plants. The authors then demonstrate how to calculate costs for each element, accounting for needed mark-ups and allowances in order to arrive at the total plant construction cost.

To help you make your own estimates, the manual provides:

  • Examples of cost estimates for different water treatment processes

  • Historical data from several public agencies

  • Sample tables for 10 mgd and 100 mgd product water flow rates for each type of treatment plant

  • Accompanying CD-ROM with Excel spreadsheets that enable you to perform estimates using your own data

Now that the Cost Estimating Manual for Water Treatment Facilities is available, you no longer have to rely on hunches and anecdotal information; you have a proven, scientific method that leads to reliable estimates.

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