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Alternative Energy Systems in Building Design (GreenSource Books)

Alternative Energy Systems in Building Design (GreenSource Books)

by: Peter Gevorkian

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Design High-Performance Alternative Energy Systems for BuildingsA comprehensive reference for architects and engineers, this GreenSource book provides practical design and installation guidelines for some of the most commercially viable alternative energy technologies. Construction materials, system deployment, typical installations, and environmental impact are covered.Alternative Energy Systems in Building Design includes information on LEED design, energy conservation, and solar power financing and return on investment. Power purchase agreements (PPAs) and national and international carbon cap and trade are also discussed. Valuable appendices contain detailed design data tables and certified equipment listings.Alternative Energy Systems in Building Design covers:Solar power system physics and technologiesCalifornia solar initiative programEnergy conservationPassive heating solar technologiesFuel cell technologyWind energy technologiesOcean energy technologiesHydroelectric and micro-hydro turbine powerGeothermal energyBiofuel, biogas, and thermal depolymerization technologiesFission- and fusion-type nuclear powerAir pollution abatement

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