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Semiconductor Industry: Wafer Fab Exhaust Management

Semiconductor Industry: Wafer Fab Exhaust Management

by: J. Michael Sherer

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Given the myriad exhaust compounds and the corresponding problems that they can pose in an exhaust management system, the proper choice of such systems is a complex task. Presenting the fundamentals, technical details, and general solutions to real-world problems, Semiconductor Industry: Wafer Fab Exhaust Management offers practical guidance on selecting an appropriate system for a given application.Using examples that provide a clear understanding of the concepts discussed, Sherer covers facility layout, support facilities operations, and semiconductor process equipment, followed by exhaust types and challenges. He reviews exhaust point-of-use devices and exhaust line requirements needed between process equipment and the centralized exhaust system. The book includes information on wet scrubbers for a centralized acid exhaust system and a centralized ammonia exhaust system and on centralized equipment to control volatile organic compounds. It concludes with a chapter devoted to emergency releases and a separate chapter of examples illustrating these systems in use. Drawing on the author's 20 years of industry experience, the book shows you how to customize strategies specific to your needs, solve current problems, and prevent future issues in your exhaust management systems.

Table of Contents
Ch. 1 Semiconductor and wafer manufacturing facilities 1 Ch. 2 Exhaust types and challenges 13 Ch. 3 Point-of-use devices and exhaust-line requirements 29 Ch. 4 Centralized scrubbers 79 Ch. 5 Centralized equipment to control volatile organic compounds 113 Ch. 6 Emergency releases 141 Ch. 7 Exhaust management and air abatement equipment examples 149

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