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Applied Dimensional Analysis and Modeling, Second Edition

Applied Dimensional Analysis and Modeling, Second Edition

by: Thomas Szirtes Ph.D P.E.

Applied Dimensional Analysis and Modeling, Second Edition #403417

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Applied Dimensional Analysis and Modeling provides the full mathematical background and step-by-step procedures for employing dimensional analyses, along with a wide range of applications to problems in engineering and applied science, such as fluid dynamics, heat flow, electromagnetics, astronomy and economics. This new edition offers additional worked-out examples in mechanics, physics, geometry, hydrodynamics, and biometry. * Covers 4 essential aspects and applications: - principal characteristics of dimensional systems - applications of dimensional techniques in engineering, mathematics and geometry - applications in biosciences, biometry and economics - applications in astronomy and physics* Offers more than 250 worked-out examples and problems with solutions* Provides detailed descriptions of techniques of both dimensional analysis and dimensional modeling.

This copy features expanded bookmarks.

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