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Advances in Physical Organic Chemistry. Volume 20

Advances in Physical Organic Chemistry. Volume 20

by: V. Gold & D. Bethell (editors)

Advances in Physical Organic Chemistry. Volume 20 #375070

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Advances in Physical Organic Chemistry. Volume 20 (v. 20)
By V. Gold & D. Bethell (editors)

  • Publisher: Academic Press
  • Number Of Pages: 252
  • Publication Date: 1984-01
  • ISBN-10 / ASIN: 0120335204
  • ISBN-13 / EAN: 9780120335206

Product Description:

This is a well-established series for the publication of authoritative reviews on the methods and results of the application of quantitative physical and mathematical methods to organic chemistry. The authors are acknowledged experts in their particular fields, and the contributions give the reader an up-to-date account of different aspects of physical organic chemistry. In the pursuit of challenging problems of organic chemistry, the series encourages forward-looking reviews on a variety of topics, not all of which may as yet conform to conventional notions of the scope of the field.

Volume 20 contains chapters:

Magnetic Field and Magnetic Isotope Effects on the Products of Organic Reactions
by Ian R . Gould, Nicholas J . Turro and Matthew B. Zimmt

Kinetics and Mechanisms of Reactions of Organic Cation Radicals in Solution
by Ole Hammerich and Vernon D. Parker

The Photochemistry of Aryl Halides and Related Compounds
by R. Stephen Davidson, Jonathan W. Goodin and Graham Kemp

Summary: The best!
Rating: 5

I recently completed my honors project for Dr. Tidwell at University of Toronto, and took two years worth of his organic chemistry courses... I have to say that they were the most enjoyable and understandable courses I have taken in my life, in fact I completed these courses in the top percentile of my class with very little studying on my own- I learned everything in his lectures! He wrote the authoritative book on Ketene chemistry, which all the researchers in that field use, and I used on my honors project. I think that he has a very good skill in presenting concepts in physical organic chemistry that has been honed with hard work over many years, and is also due to an obvious love of chemistry. I can't tell you about this book because I haven't read it yet, but when I can get the money (a little pricey for your average canadian graduate student...), I will hopefully complete my review.

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