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O cálculo com Geometria Analítica

The calculus, with analytic geometry 3rd Ed.

by: Louis Leithold

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The calculus, with analytic geometry
By Louis Leithold

  • Publisher: Harper & Row
  • Number Of Pages: 1120
  • Publication Date: 1976
  • ISBN-10 / ASIN: 0060439513
  • ISBN-13 / EAN: 9780060439514

Summary: Excellent Text
Rating: 5

As one of many people who were daunted by math texts that were poorly written, confusing, stuffed with pictures and meaningless examples, and plagued with mistakes and wrong answers in the back, I say "Thanks" to Louis Leithold for writing well crafted, well ordered, relevant, and challenging yet comprehensible math texts. Even though I was able to get good grades in all my math classes, there were many times when I simply didn't understand why the things I was doing worked. I knew the techniques, but I had no understanding of the math behind them. The texts that Leithold wrote -- all of them -- opened my eyes to the why as well as the how, and made me a much better mathematician than I was before. If you want to know math, or have kids who are stymied by the awful texts they a forced to cope with today, get Leithold's math texts. They are excellent, relevant, and if they are not on Amazon, can still be found with just a bit of looking and usually for a good price.

Summary: A book that applies the learn-by-example method
Rating: 4

This book is of great value, it is one of the best calculus book I have ever encountered. Mr. Leithold really explains the lessons step-by-step by truly applying the "learn by example"method in teaching. Many examples are given ranging from simple to complicated ones. It will really guide the student in developing his calculus skills. Another thing more, the author uses very plain language in explaining the topics in the book. This helps giving students some motivation in a subject that is traditionally looked as a very difficult one. Coverage on the theoretical and applied aspects of calculus are kept into balance by presenting proofs into both simple and complex theorems while simultaneously providing sample problems dealing with real-life applications that gives an idea to students the practical side of what they are learning. Loads of problems to solve are present that will also aid the student to develop and practise. In addition, the book provides a good guide in learning calculus in conjunction with a graphics calculator. Numerous examples are provided guiding the learner in the use of the graphics calculator in a certain calculus topic.

Exercícios resolvidos Leithold / Solucionário Leithold


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