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Automation and control systems economics

Automation and control systems economics

by: Paul G. Friedmann

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Automation And Control Systems Economics
By Paul G. Friedmann

  • Publisher: ISA-Instrumentation, Systems, and Automation
  • Number Of Pages: 176
  • Publication Date: 2006-06-05
  • ISBN-10 / ASIN: 1556179510
  • ISBN-13 / EAN: 9781556179518
  • Binding: Paperback

Summary: Um livro superficial
Rating: 2

Esperava mais do livro, que se mostrou muito superficial em todos os assuntos abordados. Para iniciante, talvez seja uma boa leitura, mas para quem já está no ramo e quer ter maiores referências para cálculos econômicos ligados a projetos de automação, o livro simplesmente não agrega valor significativo.

Summary: How to Transform an Automation and Control Idea into a Realistic Project Proposal
Rating: 5

This book is a self-study guide that will introduce you to the aspects that need to be considered when preparing or reviewing a Process Automation and Control project proposal, providing a framework for economics and financial analysis to evaluate this kind of Projects, including the incorporation of risk into calculations.

The porpoise of the book is to provide an understanding of the economics of process control. The basic tools of economic analysis are presented and then applied to real world process control projects and proposals. From these applications one can see how to use the tools and what factors are likely to have the greatest influence on the profitability of the project.

To give a better idea of what is covered and since the Table of Contents is not available in the information provided by the good fellows of Amazon, following I have included how the book is organized:

- Introduction and overview.
- Basic concepts.
- Benefit identification.
- Benefit estimation.
- Cost estimation.
- Project evaluation.
- Ammonia plant control - A detailed example.
- Including risks in cost estimation.
- Including risks in benefit estimation.
- Including risks in project evaluation.
- Strategies for risk minimization.
- Sulfur burner control - A detailed example.
- Economics of batch process control.
- Economics of automation.
- Suggested reading and study materials.
- Solution to all exercises.
- Glossary of economic terms.

If you prepare or review Automation and Control Project Proposals this book is for you.


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