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Diesel Mechanics

Diesel Mechanics

by: Sanders, Frank

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Diesel Mechanics
Sanders, Frank
Delhi Global Media, 2007
ISBN: 9788190457569

Table of Contents

1. Diesel Locomotive
2. Diesel Engine
3. Internal Combustion Engine
4. Heat Engine
5. Engineering
6. Thermodynamics
7. Mechanical Work
8. Heat
9. Energy
10. Thermodynamics System
11. Transmission
12. Gear
13. Mechanics
14. Horsepower
15. Switcher & Diesel-Electric

Diesel locomotives became the dominant type of locomotive in rail transport in the mid
20th century in much of the world. Powered by diesel engines, they use a variety of
transmissions to convey power to the wheels. Diesel locomotives, in contrast to electric
locomotives, do not require catenary installations to run. Therefore, they offer more
flexibility in various types of service and are generally predominant in countries which,
for historical or economical reasons, have few electrified lines. Since the 1950s, however,
they have been superseded by electric locomotives in terms of power, maximum speed,
tractive effort, and acceleration.

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